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Our Future

Nature connection is vital for the health and well-being of our natural communities. We look forward to growing our nature-based programs to inspire sustainable living and nature connection for children, families, adults, and elders in the greater Baltimore, Maryland region. 

We are actively seeking land in Long Green Valley in Baltimore County, MD to establish a home base for the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS). Notchcliff Nature Programs will provide a model of nature-based education through direct programming for the community. In turn, programs will help inform the extensive teacher training and services offered by ERAFANS, like a lab school model but with forest school! 

If you or someone you know can help, please reach out to ERAFANS director, Monica Wiedel-Lubinski. It takes time for big ideas to grow, but we are cultivating the soil and sowing our seeds. We hope you will help us grow!

Image by Nathan Anderson
Our Future: Welcome
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