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Our daughter loves being in the forest! She takes time to draw and paint her surroundings, which she loves making in her nature journal at forest preschool. She knows how to forage many wild edibles (violets, wood sorrel, and mint), what birds visit our feeder, and how to be kind to things that grow. Her experience at Notchcliff Forest Preschool is a huge part of her identity and deep nature connection. Thank you for sharing nature with her!

We are grateful for our son’s experience at Notchcliff and his time there will always be a special memory! The teachers are truly passionate and have created a wonderful program with a thoughtfully developed forest classroom!  Our child has new stories of fun activities every time we pick him up after school. He loves it!

Nick L.

Nicole J.

Our daughter loves learning and exploring in the forest. It is a safe place where she has the freedom to pursue her interests and express her creativity. The program is truly child led which allows each child to have individualized experiences. The teachers are so caring, supportive, and knowledgeable.  The children are respected and able to make their own decisions while being guided and encouraged throughout the process.  Our daughter has a lot of energy and loves nature - Notchcliff has been a perfect fit! She is always so excited to attend and has a smile on her face when I pick her up. She shares her adventures and what she has learned on the car ride home. We are so fortunate to have found the Notchcliff program and be part of this community!

Jenna S.

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