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Our Wild Learning Environment

Nature is our teacher - all day, every day

Classes are held 100% outdoors where we are immersed in the natural world. We are grateful to Glen Meadows Retirement Community for welcoming us as we explore the expansive fields and forests on their beautiful campus.

Our three forest classrooms are tucked into the forest and serve as our grounds for nature play and learning. Here, children freely engage in a range of nature-based projects and activities. They make little discoveries, invent games, and experience all that nature has to offer on any given day. We also share simple provocations, materials, or tools to support children's interests and skill development. We gather round the fire for stories, songs, and cook over fire here, too. This is where circle gatherings, drop-off, and pick-up take place. It is also where the portable bathroom and hand-washing stations are located.

The trails are well-marked for our woodland adventures. There are many favorite places to linger and explore! We visit the vast open meadow and savor our time at the pond. From seeds and sprouts to tracks and scat, surprises always await.

We also have a Pollinator Garden full of native wildflowers as well as fruits, vegetables, and herbs that we harvest and tend to throughout the year. It is a labor of love and always a work in progress!

Our beautiful 25 foot RV (known as our Mobile Nature Classroom), houses children's books, field guides, natural treasures and artifacts, as well as overflow gear and supplies for teachers.

Should hazardous weather conditions arise (EX. high winds or lightening), we have use of an indoor classroom in Glen Meadow's main building as part of our Emergency Plan. (The indoor classroom is rarely used - only 3-5 times per year.)

Learning Environment: About Us

Our Partners at
Glen Meadows Retirement Community

Glen Meadows Retirement Community is situated on picturesque fields and forest in Glen Arm, Maryland, northeast of Baltimore City. Formerly a convalescent home for nuns, and Notch Cliff horse farm prior to that, Glen Meadows is a beautiful 482 acre campus brimming with places to explore. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the elders in our community who reside here.

You can learn more about the history of Glen Meadows in this Baltimore Sun article and preview the location on Google Earth.

"Springtime orchards are shell pink and white. Summer light lingers on the meadows . . . autumn means the gum tree will be flaming . . .  winter brings whiteness and an almost paradisine beauty."                                                  


- Maura Eichner, a sister and former Glen Meadows resident

Learning Environment: About Us
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