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Rhythm of Our Day

An underlying structure cradles each day, referred to as our "daily rhythm". It provides a flexible framework so children know what to expect during their time at forest school. This comforting rhythm includes visual and auditory cues when transitions take place.

The time frames of our daily rhythm are not set in stone. There is plenty of leeway for children to extend play experiences or move on based on their interests. In this way, our curriculum is child-led. We don't arbitrarily cut learning short for the sake of a schedule - except to go home!


Rhythm of Our Day

Sample rhythm is fluid and time frames are flexible



Parents sign-in and bring children to the forest classroom. Children jump right in and play! We offer simple provocations in the forest classroom with tools, art materials, natural artifacts, or books, etc. which rotate throughout the year.

Nature Play

9:30AM forward

Children freely engage in unstructured nature play; they may opt to participate in planned activities such as handcrafts or help feed the birds, etc. This time may including handwashing and snack, depending on the children's needs.

Gathering Circle


We begin with a welcome song and gratitude routine followed by children's sharing time, often around a campfire. Intentional activities are led by teachers to build on children's interests and seasonal happenings. This time may include stories, movement, song, experiments, dramatic play, artifact sharing, etc. This time may include handwashing and snack, depending on the children's needs.



Exploration of wild habitats at Glen Meadows can include nature journals, art experiences, games, log searches, birdwatching, etc. Running, climbing, jumping, spinning, and crawling are often part of the adventures.

Closing Gathering Circle


Children share stories of the day, discuss new interests, and participate in their "sit spot" nature connection practice. We share additional gratitude and sing our good-bye song.



Grow-ups meet us at the trail head for pick-up, help to gather belongings if needed, and sign out on the roster.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, additional health and safety precautions will be implemented. We will share more details when you enroll.