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Don't Answer!

As you know, our updates happen through email and our online learning platform, exclusively for parents so this blog is sadly under-utilized. But one of our teachers, Daniella, shared a profound quote today that is relevant for teachers and parents alike. From Daniella:

I was going through the Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature, I was reminded of something vitally important to the work that we do with children:

“I remember when my son was about three, in the constant questioning phase. Trying to be a good mother, I dutifully answered every question with some informative explanation. Then one day in the middle of another train of questions and answers, he suddenly wailed up at me, “Mom, DON’T ANSWER!” And he burst into tears of outrage. I was stunned, but crouching down to hug his tears away, I realized that he didn’t want my answers. All those questions were a plea to come into his world with him, at his level, to join with him in his curiosity.”

-Ellen Haas (co-author of the Coyote's Guide, along with Jon Young and Evan McGown)

Have a beautiful day in the forest…

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